Have you been eyeing out the squat rack at gym but don’t want to look silly walking up to it? Or maybe you want to attempt squats at home but don’t want to injure yourself by doing it wrong? Fear not – we will show you how to squat like a boss.

Squats are responsible for some of 2015’s best real ‘behinds’ (think Beyoncé, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez) – and the added perk they tone a lot of other muscles too.

How to squat like a boss: stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart (the inside of your feet should be in line with your armpits), then squeeze your glutes together tight. Now try lower yourself down to a seated position – still squeezing your glutes. Most people can’t keep squeezing past the first few centimetres, which means the muscles in your thighs are doing all the work instead of your bottom. If this is you, stick to squatting only as low as you can while squeezing. For your few attempts, aim for one to two sets of 10 to 15 repetitions with a 60-second break in between sets. To step it up a notch add in shoulder bar weights – ensure you have a spotting partner so you do not injure yourself.


When squatting it’s not about how deep you squat, but rather about the position of your knee. Your knee should be in line with your middle toe and should never cross over your foot. Your butt should be pushed out and down. Get your form right before you go any lower.


For ultimate Toning: incorporate squats into your exercise regime two to three times a week.

Please AVOID squatting IF:

You have a severe knee or lower-back injury or you’re pregnant.

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