Want to stay motivated to keep up your exercise routine this winter? We have some tips that will help you get through the urge of wanting to take a break…

Take Care Of Yourself

Being healthy and feeling good about yourself is really essential to being productive and being the best that you can be. Sabotaging yourself will only result in less than optimal performance in all other areas of your life.

Get A Buddy

Convince a friend to train with you so you feel accountable and you are more likely to stick to your schedule. Do something you love and enjoy and it will be easier to stay motivated.

Choose The Best Time For You

Choose your best time to exercise; don’t force yourself to train in the afternoon if you are a morning person. Find a time that works best for your energy levels because then you are more likely to stick with it.

Get Into The Habit

Be consistent with your exercise in order to form good habits. Too many women put off exercising in winter because there is less pressure to look good under all the layers. The catch is that winter only lasts for a few months before you have to toss the layers again. Neglecting your training programme for those few months only means you have to work that much harder to get back to where you were. It becomes tougher to ‘bounce back’ as we age and it’s so much harder each time to motivate ourselves to begin again.

The Right Location

Whether it be at home where you train with your family or at the gym ensure that you choose the location that will best suit you and motivate you to get through the winter spell.

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